About: Olatundun Kalejaiye


Nutrition & Post-Harvest Manager – HarvestPlus Nigeria


She promotes the value chain of nutritious foods and provides support to women initiatives in agribusinesses. Olatundun is an Agric4Nutrition expert who works with public and private sector partners to ensure that people are able to attain their full potential through agriculture, nutrition information and income generation by taking advantage of opportunities along the food value chain. She equally and constantly provides support to youth and women initiatives in agribusiness.

After spending over a decade working in the development sector, with local and international organizations, Olatundun knows what truly drives equitable changes in the food systems to favour women, children and youths for improved livelihoods.

Mrs Kalejaiye has great landmark in food system research, agro-food value chain development, women economic empowerment, youth agribusinesses and capacity building for value chain actors in Nigeria and in West Africa. She has successfully established veritable platforms for women to function optimally in biofortified food value chains. Her work at HarvestPlus has propelled her into the development and introduction of new food products into the Nigeria food systems while providing opportunity for her to mentor women and youths in nutrition, agriculture and micro/small scale entrepreneurship.

Olatundun holds a BSc & MSc in Human Nutrition with specialty in Public Health Nutrition. She is a member of many nutrition and agriculture development bodies, including the Nutrition Society, UK.